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On this page we list videos that cover transition topics, such as employment, health and person centred planning.

Include Me TOO

A film presented by young disabled people, sharing their achievements and their experiences and providing an insight into the lives of disabled people in their community.



Cystic Fibrosis: Transfering from child to adult services

Leah Forde, 20, from Middlesex has cystic fibrosis. She's using this documentary to show teenagers with CF what to expect when their care transfers from child to adult health services. To find out more about Leah's campaign, visit:




“We’re taking control of our future.” Manifesto for blind young Londoners

This video highlights the realities blind young people face around employment, education, transport and diagnosis support. More information about the video:



Right Here Showcase Film

This film shows young people working with Right Here discussing their experiences of mental health conditions, and showcasing the positive impact that Right Here has had on their lives.

As Right Here National Youth Champion Jack Falkingham says in this film, the project helps young people to be part of the solution, not just the subject of conversations.

Right Here is a joint project by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation.

Find out more at:

Sulaiman Khan talks about his work for Trailblazers and getting an education

Sulaiman couldn't read or write until he was 10 years old, but now he has a university degree and is a London Regional Ambassador for an organisation called Trailblazers, which is a network of young campaigners who focus on issues for young disabled people.

"From a very young age people would say you can't go to university or you can't do something and I have proved them wrong every time" - Sulaiman

Miro Griffiths runs his own disability consultancy business

Role model Miro Griffiths talks about being self-employed and the benefits of Access to Work. He believes that young disabled people can achieve their aspirations but they need to be self-motivated and set up local support networks to help them.

"My advice to young disabled people is to acknowledge that you do have talents and that you can aspire to the standards of non-disabled people" - Miro

Living with Hemiplegia

Fantastic video about what is it like to have hemiplegia by a group of young people

Mental health transitions videos

Transitions 1

Four young people talk about their own transition from child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) to adult services.

Transitions 2

Staff and young people in Sheffield discuss how transitions in mental health services are being improved by integrated working in the health and social care trust.

SEND pathfinder - young inspectors consultation

East Sussex young inspectors consult with children and young people on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities pathfinder.

Progress - Emolyment Support

This video talks about employment support services. Hear from Progress staff, employers, disabled young people and parents. Progress is a not for profit Limited Company with Charitable status.

Supported Traineeships at Central Manchester University Hospitals

Information about the Supported Traineeships at Central Manchester University Hospitals which are helping young people with learning disabilities gain skills and paid, permanent employment, in Manchester.

Talk About Change

Talk About Change is based on conversations with children and young people with life threatening conditions. It features their own video diaries that give real insight into their lives. It is a dvd resource for children, young people, carers and families and everyone involved in palliative care. It has been designed to stimulate discussion, communicate what young people really think and want, and to help professionals develop appropriate services and responses as children begin to make the leap from children's palliative care into adult services.

Give It The Green Light

A 15-minute film showing how easy it is to make employment opportunities available to people with learning disabilities, other disabilities and people with Aspergers' Syndrome.

Person Centred Approaches at the Warren School

Warren School, in Suffolk, have made a DVD about how they have incorporated Person Centred Reviews into the school's existing transition process.

Watch the DVD here.

Inclusive Employment

Video about inclusive employment made by staff at CHANGE.

Works for us

Finding a job can be difficult at the best of times. When you have learning difficulties it can seem impossible. Works For Us tells Sam's story of the right and wrong way to find employment based on the findings from Cornwall People First's two year research project Work In Progress.


Ingrid and Wilf

In this video Ingrid talks about her experience of transition planning for her son Wilf.

Read a written story about planning Wilf's future on the Preparing for Adulthood website.


Liz and Eleanor

Liz talks about transition planning for her daughter, Eleanor, at the Preparing for Adulthood event in Leeds on 4th July 2012. The topics Liz discusses include:

- Diagnosis
- What's important to her family
- Eleanor's work experience
- Eleanor's circle of friends
- Eleanor's Health
- Eleanor's Education
- Eleanor's weekly plan
- Personalisation
- Employing a support broker
- Direct payments
- Eleanor's care package and personal assistants

Duchenne and a life worth living: - [video here]
Jon Hastie has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He lives independently in his own flat and has a paid job. He's made a film about Duchenne called A Life Worth Living.

Martyn Sibley webinars:
Martyn Sibley has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He produces webinars for disabled people, their friends, family and disability professionals. The webinars focuses on a different aspect of life, including: care, employment, transport, travel, relationships, adventure and housing.

The Love Programme - Relationships and Sexuality, a Young Person's Perspective
KIDS run a project which helps young disabled people develop their awareness of the issues around relationships and sexuality. Young people from the South Gloucestershire KIDS group recently develop a film on relationships and sexuality for other young disabled people. They chose to cover the following topics: personal space, contraception, a section for parents and a glossary of terms.

The film is called 'The Love Programme - Relationships and Sexuality, a Young Person's Perspective'. This film is now also available for you to watch on YouTube.  It is in three different parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Channel 4 Paralympics - Meet the Superhumans:
Meet the Superhumans, the stars of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, exclusively on Channel 4 from 29 August to 9 September.

Welcome to a world with no barriers, a world where possibilities are endless and potential is limitless.

Channel 4 is broadcasting 150 hours of live coverage on multiple television channels as well as online, along with dedicated mobile and tablet apps. Multiple streams, live text commentary, sharp social media observations and much more will be available at

We are Whizz-Kidz! Kids just want to be kids:
A short advert by Whizz Kidz showing young wheelchair-using kids getting up to mischief and "just being kids". It's about celebrating the independence and childhood cheekiness (!) that comes with mobility - including powered and manual wheelchairs - that Whizz-Kidz provides.


Just the Job
Just the Job' is a great video from Coventry City Council demonstrating the business benefits of supported employment for disabled young people. 

Coventry's The Employment Support Service (TESS) is one of 13 sites in the UK to have been assessed by the Centre for Mental Health and recognised as a Centers of Excellence in IPS (Individual Placement Support) an approach to supporting people with mental health difficulties into employment.